My own health journey led me to discovering the benefits of a holistic way of life.
It is what inspired me to become a healer.

Hello, I'm Sharon.

I was inspired to become an acupuncture practitioner as a result of the wonderful benefits I received as an acupuncture patient.

I began my studies at the Traditional Acupuncture Institute, located in Laurel, Maryland, in 1997. At the time, I was working both as a Registered Nurse and as a Certified Massage Therapist. My training and experience in massage therapy provided me with a solid foundation in musculo-skeletal anatomy and injuries, while my nursing education and practice taught me about a variety of chronic diseases and the medications used to treat their symptoms.

I discovered that acupuncture provided me with what had been missing in my earlier studies. As a massage therapist, I knew how to address lower back pain, a frozen shoulder, a stiff neck, or the after-effects of a sprained ankle. As a nurse, I understood how various medications worked to alleviate asthma, lower blood pressure, and manage diabetes. 

But I had a lot of questions: Why was this person prone to lower back pain while another suffered with migraine headaches? When faced with the same situation, why did one person’s blood pressure soar while another experienced severe gastrointestinal pain?

Sharon of Traditional Acupuncture of Northern Virginia

My acupuncture training and experience in the clinic, both as patient and practitioner, allowed me to look beyond these symptoms to discover their underlying cause. While acupuncture does treat physical symptoms, it is also effective at addressing the deeper disharmony or imbalance that gives rise to the physical problem. If this root of the problem is not addressed, it is likely that the symptom will continue to reappear. 

I have found this system of treating both cause and effect provides more substantial and longer lasting healing for my clients, which in turn makes my work as an acupuncturist personally rewarding.

“While acupuncture does treat physical symptoms, it is also effective at addressing the deeper disharmony or imbalance that gives rise to the physical problem.”

I continue to take classes and workshops to deepen my understanding of Chinese Medicine. Although the fundamental principles have not changed over the millennia, regulations and standards of practice continue to evolve here in the United States and in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I have served on the Acupuncture Advisory Board to the Virginia Board of Medicine since 2014 as a gubernatorial appointee. I served for many years on the Acupuncture Society of Virginia’s Board of Directors and have been a volunteer with Acupuncturists Without Borders. I feel that participation in professional organizations such as these will help ensure that quality acupuncture services continue to be available for millennia to come.    


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