Classes and workshops sponsored by the Town of Herndon and the Loudoun County Public Library System have not yet been re-scheduled from Spring 2020.

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  • Breathing Practice
  • Meditative Movement
  • Visualization and Meditation
  • Self -Massage and Acupressure

QiGong literally refers to the idea of self or energetic cultivation. Following the principles and practices of Oriental Medicine, there are literally thousands of styles of QiGong being practiced today. Most QiGong classes incorporate the techniques identified above into an integrated session that benefits body, mind and spirit.

  • Anyone wishing to improve or maintain their state of well-being
  • People experiencing stress, anxiety, or difficulty sleeping
  • Those with chronic health conditions

Anyone can participate in and benefit from QiGong! Individuals can do QiGong standing up, seated, or lying down. The purpose of QiGong is to harmonize “qi,” or energy, as it flows through the body, and so it is beneficial regardless of one’s physical condition.   

  • Seasonal QiGong

  • Medical QiGong

  • Organ Cleansing QiGong

All of the QiGong that I teach is firmly rooted in the Five Element Theory of Oriental Medicine, which I have been studying and practicing since 1997.  Specific programs and teachers with whom I have studied include the Academy for Five Element Acupuncture, Sifu Bernard Shannon and the International Institute of Medical Qigong, and Francesco Garripoli and Daisy Lee.

Tai Chi

Originally a martial art, here in the contemporary west Tai Chi is most often practiced as a wellness exercise. Linking together individual movements into a flowing, dancelike sequence, Tai Chi has been found by the Harvard Medical School, National Institutes for Health, and other institutions to safely and efficiently provide a variety of health benefits, including: 

  • Improved physical balance and strength
  • Deeper and more efficient breathing
  • Decreased perception of stress and anxiety

The findings mentioned above indicate that Tai Chi is for everyone! There are several different schools or lineages of Tai Chi, and various forms and practices within each one. While some remain true to their martial arts foundations, others offer a more meditative style. Tai Chi offers such rich and varied options that everyone can find a style or practice that suits their individual needs.

My Tai Chi classes are geared toward older adults and are gentle to the joints, relaxed in pace, and usually incorporate some teaching of acupuncture theory to help understand the purpose behind the individual movements.  I have been certified to teach Tai Chi through the Tai Chi for Health Institute since 2012.

My current certifications include Tai Chi for:

  • tai chi for health logoArthritis – Beginning and Advanced
  • Arthritis – Seated Program
  • Fall Prevention
  • Diabetes
  • Energy