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Welcome to Traditional Acupuncture of Northern Virginia and the world of acupuncture. As the world’s oldest continuing form of medicine, acupuncture is capable of providing relief from numerous physical, mental, and emotional disturbances and illnesses.

Looking for a Practitioner? I hope that you will find the information about my qualifications, philosophy, and practice helpful in your decision making process. Want more information about Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine? Check out the archive of featured articles!

Acupuncture Without Borders:  Learn how acupuncture is supporting people affected by natural disasters, helping veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and promoting healing worldwide. Click here to read more.

Why Acupunture

Acupuncture treatments can benefit anyone wanting to enjoy an increased level of health and well-being. Consider the following questions:

  • Are the stresses of life taking their toll on your physical, mental, or emotional health?
  • Are you continuously tired or fatigued?
  • Do you experience physical pain, which limits your participation in activities that you used to enjoy?
  • Are you seeing a physician to manage a chronic illness or ailment, and feel that you could use additional support to prepare for surgery, recover from surgery, or manage the side effects of your medications?

Rev Up Your Resolutions!

New Year’s Resolutions have a bad rap among my clients.  Too often they feel like a list of “Shoulds or “Ought to-s.” You know - lose weight, get organized, eat better (yawn). So often New Year’s Resolutions, Goals and Objectives, whatever you want to call your roadmap for the coming year, can feel flat and uninspired.  No wonder most of us give up a few weeks into the New Year!

An Introduction to Chinese Medicine

The scope of Chinese Medicine is much larger than the practice of acupuncture. Although acupuncture is the most well known therapy in the West, bodywork techniques (such as tui na and acupressure), movement therapy (tai chi and qigong), and dietary/herbal support are included under its umbrella as well. In the United States, the national accreditation body for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine provides separate certification examinations for Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Oriental Bodywork.

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