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Building upon decades of experience and training,
I provide a unique blend of holistic healthcare services.

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Want to experience a greater level of health and well-being? Need relief from physical, mental, or emotional stress? I offer one-on-one, group, or community acupuncture for pain, stress relief, illness, and more. Experience the positive impacts that better health can have on your life.

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End of Life Care & Conversations

Looking for care, support, or resources for End of Life care?  From acupuncture treatment to Doula services and hospice wellness visits I am qualified to help with various treatment options, visits, calls & support – including for caregivers.

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Acupressure & Essential Oils and Auricular Treatment

Specific oils or oil blends on certain acupuncture points can be used as an adjunct to the needle treatment. Auricular Treatments address physical pain, support healthy organ function, and, most commonly, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

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Classes & Events

I offer QiGong and Tai Chi classes specifically tailored to beginners, seniors, and those with physical challenges. I can also design a QiGong practice uniquely suited to your health and wellness needs. Private sessions and classes are also available.

I was searching for relief, too.

My own health journey led me to discovering the benefits of a holistic way of life. It is what inspired me to become a healer.

Since 1997 I have been deepening my understanding of Chinese Medicine to provide a sublime healing experience for people seeking a difference. 

As a former Registered Nurse, Certified Massage Therapist, and licensed Acupuncturist, I bring a unique perspective to the root causes of suffering and how to treat them. With me, you will never fail to feel like your needs are being individually cared for.

Sharon of Traditional Acupuncture of Northern Virginia

Diplomat of Acupuncture

Licensed Acupuncturist

Tai Chi for Health Institute

Trained by INELDA

NAHPCA Certification

Acupuncture Advisory Board


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Classes & Events

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