One-on-One Acupuncture

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See the positive impacts that better health can have on your work and play.

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Group Acupuncture

A different experience from one-on-one acupuncture treatment

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Find the synergy you need by experiencing communal silence before or after a meeting, allowing verbal and emotional processing to integrate in a unique way.

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Ask an Acupuncturist

Eventually I hope to re-open our lively group conversations with people sharing experiences and questions about acupuncture.  For now, if you have a question or observation about acupuncture, please use the form below to ask! 

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Community Acupuncture


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We are in need of a large public space to offer this service to our community. Have an idea?


What is it?

The use of specific oils or oil blends on certain acupuncture points used as an adjunct to the needle treatment. I also provide entire treatments using just essential oils.  


The oils are great to use on acupuncture points that may, for whatever reason, be sensitive, or to use on auricular points.  Certain oils simply work better for some people on certain points than needles do.

What about all the different scents?

Since only a drop of each oil is needed and the points used are at different places on the body, the clashing of fragrances is not a problem.  Nor is it a problem if the smell of an oil is unpleasant – there are points on the bottom of the feet that are very welcoming to the use of oil and so the fragrance is not apparent.

What is it?

It uses the ear as a microcosmic representation of the body.  Points on the ear can be used to address physical pain, support healthy organ function, and, most commonly, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

How does it work?

I often use a “tack” or a “seed” with points on the ear. It is applied to the acupuncture point where it pierces the skin slightly.  Seeds are Vaccaria plant seeds adhered to a clear piece of surgical tape which is applied to the point.  Seeds help stimulate the point while staying on the skin’s surface.  The point can be activated throughout the day with a slight squeeze.  Tacks and seeds are usually retained for 48-72 hours. 

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