One-on-One Acupuncture

Experience greater vitality and joy.

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See the positive impacts that better health can have on your work and play.

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Person with acupuncture needles in back

Group Acupuncture

A different experience from one-on-one acupuncture treatment

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Find the synergy you need by experiencing communal silence before or after a meeting, allowing verbal and emotional processing to integrate in a unique way.

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Ask an Acupuncturist

Eventually I hope to re-open our lively group conversations with people sharing experiences and questions about acupuncture.  For now, if you have a question or observation about acupuncture, please use the form below to ask! 

Sharon of Traditional Acupuncture of Northern Virginia

Community Acupuncture


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We are in need of a large public space to offer this service to our community. Have an idea?


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