Closure & Cancellations

The practice is closed through at least April 6.

All classes canceled until at least May 11.

Please stay safe and be well! I hope to see you in a few weeks.

PresentMost of us don’t need more “stuff.” What we really need is support in relaxing and enjoying life, which means tools for stress management and better health.

What about gifting your loved ones with a massage session, a private Qigong (meditative movement) class tailored to their specific needs, or an acupressure session for help with stress, anxiety, headaches, or pain?  Instead of your usual holiday luncheon or cocktail gathering, think about hosting a “Qi Party,” where guests can learn about and experience aromatherapy, Tai Chi, or other health modalities of your choice. A customized “stress kit,” including quality products to promote wellness, can also be a welcome alternative to yet another plate of cookies or sweater. 

Please contact me to learn more about creative gifts of health this season. (And don’t forget to take care of yourself!)

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